Membership Information

Full Golf Membership (Ladies and men)
Annual Subscription - $300.00

This can be paid by direct deposit at $25 per month. Contact the club for details.

Green's Golf Membership (Ladies and men) 

Annual Fee -

Junior Golf Membership
Those under 18 years can join as a Junior Member to have full access to the golf courses and entrance to the Clubhouse. Contact the club for details.

Visitors Golf Fees 
Green Fees - $15.00 per adult
Green Fees - $6.00 per junior
Weekly Hire Rate - $50.00

Bowls Membership (Ladies and men) 
Annual Subscription - $166.00

Pensioner Bowls Membership (Ladies and men)
Annual Subscription -

If you do not wish to continue your membership you must inform the club in writing. This can be done via email.

Please refer to the Membership Application Form, for further information

Code of Conduct

Members are requested to conduct themselves in a polite and orderly manner at all times. The use of indecent language is strictly forbidden.

Members are required to be neatly and suitably dressed at all times.

Members bringing a visitor into the Club are requested to first enter his / her name and address in the book provided.

All complaints must be made to the Secretary by signed letter.

Address Changes
Members are required to notify the Secretary, in writing, of any change in their address as soon as possible.

Golf Memberships are strictly payable in advance and become due on the 1st of April in each year.
Bowls Memberships become due on the 1st of September in each year.

If any member wilfully infringes any Club rule, or is in the opinion of the Secretary or the Steward on duty, guilty of any conduct unbecoming of a gentleman or lady or prejudical to the interests of the Club, HE/SHE shall be required to answer to the Committee.